COVID pushed fast-forward on eCommerce around the world. The world changed overnight & marketplaces had to keep up. Brands accelerated the shift to online and now — the digital shelf is the primary shelf, if not the only shelf.

Digital shelves are not only valuable for researching and purchasing products – they’re actually the only channel for many as consumers address needs for safety, convenience, and necessity.

For years, companies have viewed digital marketplaces in largely transactional terms—as channels to sell products, not to deliver brand experiences. However, the lines between marketing and transactional channels is blurring – digital native brands don’t distinguish between the two and more and more consumers are by-passing traditional marketing preferring instead to engage with online marketplaces as the primary channel for brand and product discovery. This is why brands need a unified brand experience that combines convenience and one-click customer journeys with creative storytelling that puts brand experience on the digital shelf.

Get actionable insights on how your brand can build connections with new customers, transform your online experiences, and tell your brand story online.


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Roald van Wyk, Global Lead, Brand Experience for Commerce Managing Director, Accenture Interactive

Roald van Wyk is a Creative Lead & MD at Accenture Interactive New York. He serves as the Global Lead for the Brand Experience for Commerce Team, a global team that focuses on bringing a brand’s experience to marketplaces around the world.

His background is in Marketing and Advertising, taking on Creative Leadership roles at traditional & digital agencies over the last 20 years in New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Amsterdam, and Cape Town. He is a multidisciplinary creative director, art director, and creative strategist working at the intersection of design, brand experience, advertising, and technology.

Peter Sheldon, Senior Director Commerce Strategy, Adobe

Peter is a well-known industry expert in eCommerce and omnichannel technology, having previously held the role of Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. He spent five years leading Forrester’s global research on digital commerce technologies, helping to challenge the thinking and lead change for eCommerce executives undertaking major digital transformation and commerce technology programs.

Today Peter leads Adobe’s commerce strategy and is responsible for defining the strategic vision, long term roadmap and go-to-market strategy for the company’s enterprise eCommerce platform, Magento Commerce. Peter joined Magento’s leadership team in 2015 as the firm was spun out of eBay and acquired by Permira a leading UK based private equity firm. During his tenure at Magento Peter oversaw the evolution of the product from an emerging open source platform serving SMB retailers to one of the leading global enterprise eCommerce platforms. In 2018 Magento was acquired by Adobe.

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