B2B commerce is becoming more competitive as more manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers develop new digital channels, including online marketplaces and their own customized ecommerce sites and apps, for connecting with their customers wherever and whenever their customers want to buy—and for stealing customers from their competition. Companies that aren’t keeping up with the shift to digital commerce risk falling far behind—like a surfer that missed and can’t catch up to a big wave.

The pressure to effectively connect digitally is even more important during periods of peak demand—whether during annual seasonal periods like the fourth-quarter holiday rush or during massive market disruptions like today’s coronavirus pandemic.

Join us in this Digital Commerce 360 B2B webinar to explore how online sellers can stand out with an effective digital strategy that encompasses multiple online venues and ecommerce tools designed to ease and expedite online purchasing.

You’ll learn:

  • Key tactics and strategies online sellers are deploying to sell through online marketplaces and broadly connect with targeted audiences
  • The latest techniques B2B companies are using to customize their own ecommerce sites
  • The ecommerce features and services that are helping online B2B sellers increase conversion rates, basket size and sales.
  • Steps online buyers and sellers are using to improve their cash flow and overall operations.

With 2020 off to an unusually challenging start, and more challenges ahead for succeeding at digital commerce, this webinar will offer critical insights for today and long-term. 


Gregg Walker, VP of E-Commerce, Bulbs.com

Gregg Walker is currently the V.P. of E-Commerce for Bulbs.com, a commercial lighting distributor servicing more than 200,000 businesses operating across 300,000 locations.  With 20 years of experience in the e-commerce space, Gregg leads an integrated Marketing and Technology team responsible for e-commerce design and development, digital marketing, and customer acquisition.

Brandon Spear, President of MSTS

Brandon leads MSTS  with expertise in managing large, diverse global teams. His strength is discerning and focusing on the most important challenges facing an organization at a particular point in time and unifying all stakeholders behind accomplishing a set of specific goals. Brandon has a unique ability to connect across all levels of an organization, motivate staff with diverse skill sets, while ensuring a common alignment and results.

Mark Brohan, Vice President, B2B and Market Research Development, Digital Commerce 360

Mark Brohan is director of B2B research for Vertical Web Media and author of many of its upcoming research reports. Previously he was vice president of research for Internet Retailer and editor of Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide and related research publications. Prior to re-joining Internet Retailer in 2005, Mark was managing director of The Brohan Group, a full-service business publishing consulting company. He also held leadership positions in print and web product business development for Faulkner & Gray, a subsidiary of Thomson Corp., as web publisher and editorial director for DM Review magazine and its two web sites, and as founding editor of Faulkner & Gray technology magazines including Internet Retailer.

Paul Demery, Editor, Digital Commerce 360

Paul Demery is editor of Digital Commerce 360 | B2B News. He has covered ecommerce and supply chain technology and strategies since the late 1990s. Before joining Digital Commerce 360, he served as editor-in-chief/associate publisher of Electronic Commerce World magazine, which covered business-to-business commerce applications of internet technology by various industries. In earlier work, he covered economic and general news for other magazines and newspapers.

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