COVID-19 has turned U.S. manufacturing on its ear. Production varies widely from industry to industry, and supply chains are stretched thin, just to name a couple of the many challenges besetting manufacturers of all sizes.

But even in chaotic times, one trend is clear: B2B business buyers want options to research and purchase goods and services online—and they want those options now. The pandemic is permanently changing how business buyers buy. Paper, phone and manual procedures are out. Digital and transparent supply chains, ecommerce platforms that let customers access a fast and personalized buying experience, and seamless delivery are in.

There are ways to approach and win new business customers online even in tough times.

Join us for this 60-minute webinar and hear ecommerce business and technology thought leaders lay out the future course of  B2B ecommerce  for manufacturers, and what new opportunities are ahead.

A panel of ecommerce technology experts and a prominent manufacturer listed in the Digital Commerce 360 B2B Manufacturer 300 will discuss cloud ecommerce platform services, strategies and business procedures that will help organizations of all sizes capitalize on the fast-approaching opportunities in B2B ecommerce. 


Mark Brohan, Vice President and Director of B2B Research, Digital Commerce 360

Mark Brohan is director of B2B research for Vertical Web Media and author of many of its upcoming research reports. Previously he was vice president of research for Internet Retailer and editor of Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide and related research publications. Prior to re-joining Internet Retailer in 2005, Mark was managing director of The Brohan Group, a full-service business publishing consulting company. He also held leadership positions in print and web product business development for Faulkner & Gray, a subsidiary of Thomson Corp., as web publisher and editorial director for DM Review magazine and its two web sites, and as founding editor of Faulkner & Gray technology magazines including Internet Retailer.

Riccardo Caruso, Director of eCommerce and Digital Analytics, Illumina

Riccardo Caruso is the Director of eCommerce and Digital Analytics at Illumina, the global leader in genomics, an industry at the intersection of biology and technology. His current responsibilities include eCommerce, Web Analytics, Retailing and B2B eProcurement Onboarding. Former roles include Global Marketing Analytics Leader at Life Technologies and B2B Global Leader at Merck Millipore. Riccardo has 15+ years in eBusiness designing and executing strategies consistently producing triple digit growth. He is passionate in driving transformative initiatives in the eCommerce and digital marketing space. Riccardo is a regular speaker at conferences and associations in marketing and analytics across the country.

Malcolm Cohron, National Digital Transformation Services Leader, BDO

Malcolm “Chip” Cohron is BDO’s National Digital Transformation Services leader. With more than 25 years of experience in digital and business strategy, Malcolm is a recognized digital transformation/re-invention field executive who helps clients compete in today’s markets by guiding them through their digital transformation journey.

Prior to joining BDO, Malcolm spent a part of his career as a partner at a Fortune 50 technology company where he was responsible for business development, and engagement delivery for artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, digital strategy, and content services.

Asad Ahmed, Ecommerce Principal Sales Consultant, NetSuite

Asad Ahmed is a Principal Sales Consultant for Ecommerce at Oracle NetSuite. Located in New York City, Asad has spent more than 15 years with ecommerce and has been involved in over 1000 ecommerce implementations. With more than 5 years of experience at NetSuite, Asad has in-depth functional knowledge of how ecommerce can impact and needs to interact with other enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, Order Management, Marketing, Analytics and BI. Prior to joining NetSuite, Asad was a Senior Sales Engineer at Thomas Publishing, a data, platform and technology company for the industrial marketplace.

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