Online retailers get more than half of their traffic from consumers using mobile devices, yet the conversion rate for mobile visitors consistently trails the conversion rate for desktop users.

For online shoppers intent on completing their purchase on their devices it is critical for online retailers to provide as friction-free a shopping experience as possible.

Amazon, for instance, which pioneered the friction-free one-click checkout in the late 1990s, has one of the highest conversion rates in e-commerce.

One e-retailer that focuses on friction-free mobile commerce, LeftLane Sports, sees more than 50% of their sales come from the mobile channel and we’ll be learning more about how on this webinar.

In this webinar, featured guests Steve Klebe of Google and Erik Fialho of fast-growing e-retailer LeftLane Sports, will articulate how online retailers can address the mobile checkout flow to ensure it tamps down on friction for customers, such as providing convenience-based checkout methods like mobile wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay,) while also addressing fraud risk and fraud prevention.


April Berthene, Senior Editor, Internet Retailer

Steven Klebe - Business Development, Google Payments

Member of the Google Payment BD team driving the partnerships to support acceptance online and InApp globally. 35+ years of experience in products and services related to the financial services industry in payment processing, data security and authentication. Have spoken at dozens of industry conferences on topics such as Payer Authentication, Credit Card processing, Fraud Screening, Authentication and Alternative Payment Types, etc. Member of the Board of Directors of the Electronic Transaction Association (ETA) (www.electran.org).

Erik Fialho, Co-Founder and COO, LeftLane Sports

Erik Fialho is an innovative ecommerce entrepreneur.  He has successfully managed every facet of ecommerce operations from fulfillment and logistics, to customer service, marketing, design, and technology.  He has worked with both Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups where his primary focus has been to increase efficiencies and build customer loyalty.  As Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at LeftLane Sports, Erik is focused on building world-class customer experiences.  As a result, Erik has propelled LeftLane Sports into one of the fastest growing ecommerce companies in the U.S. with over 14 million members.

Andreas Suma - Global Leader, Fraud and Data at ACI Worldwide

Global leader for Fraud and Data responsible for: product strategy acceleration of fraud capabilities throughout ACI product portfolio and global footprint, enhanced support of enterprise fraud deployments in existing client base and new customers through best practices in technology, governance, and organizational design, and embedded fraud and security in omni-channel customer experience. Responsible for development of “big data” strategy for disruption in payment eco-system, expanding beyond current messaging focus to expansive use cases in customer experience, regulations and compliance, and pricing and cost-efficiency in payment networks and messages in financial and merchants realms.

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