The race to improve B2B customer experience is picking up, with 79% of manufacturers and 84% of distributors/wholesalers planning to increase spending on customer experience. However, most companies are held back by manual processes and aging customer portals that keep marketers and e-commerce managers from creating personalized, fully digital experiences. To beat the competition, bring content, personalization and commerce into your B2B customer portal so that it can serve as the backbone of your digital commerce strategy.

In this webinar, Corbin Murakami from Liferay will dig into common challenges that e-commerce leaders face when trying to improve the B2B customer experience, and how to tackle them by turning customer portals into centers of customer engagement. Join us and learn how to:
– Up your marketing game with a unified content and commerce strategy
– Empower buyers to find the right products through in-depth education
– Transition from manual to digital transactions to improve efficiency
– Secure buy-in from your sales team with tools to help them sell


Paul Demery, Editor, B2BecNews

Corbin Murakami, Product Manager at Liferay


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