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Many online shoppers today are fickle. They have tons of ecommerce sites to choose from with more options added to the ecommerce buffet each day. That makes gaining repeat customers a major hurdle for many online retailers today. Getting a consumer to buy once is tough enough but getting that shopper to repeatedly come back and spend is an even bigger challenge.

Many retailers are finding that a key to gaining repeat customers is to personalize their online shopping experience by leveraging first-party data. Retailers that employ data to understand what their customers want and the marketing messages that resonate with them have found great success in retaining customers for the long haul.

Join us for a roundtable discussion with customer engagement platform vendor Emarsys and several retailers as we discuss the ways first-party data can help personalize the shopping journey and retain customers. We’ll also go over the pain points around multichannel and omnichannel campaigns, marketing to mobile and social shoppers and making marketing in general more personal to shoppers’ wants and needs.



Ian Rosen, Executive Vice President, Digital & Strategy, Harry Rosen

Ian Rosen is the VP of Digital & Strategy at Harry Rosen, responsible for the growth of extending relationships with customers onto digital channels and enhancing the shopping experience with technology (both online and in-store). He is also responsible for developing and executing on a corporate strategy of the future for the company. Ian marks the third generation of Rosen’s that has joined the company his Grandfather started. Prior to joining Harry Rosen, Ian was a Management Consultant at Bain & Company in Chicago where he focused on Strategy, Retail and Digital projects. Ian holds both an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and an HBA from Ivey Business School.


Fred Gerantabee, CXO at FGX International

Fred truly believes that emerging technology and digital platforms are the connective thread between consumers and every aspect of their daily journey, from sink to smartphone, sofa to store and back again. He’s dedicated his 2+ decades of professional experience toward this philosophy and approach to brand building, and feels that he has been fortunate enough to realize this through many of the world’s biggest brands and in collaboration with many very smart people along the way.

Dhiraj Rustagi, VP, E-Commerce and Marketing, NorthShore Care Supply

Passionate E-Commerce/Digital leader focused on driving growth, strategic planning, problem solving, and team building using evolutionary marketing approaches, technology and analytical skills.

Keeping data at the center of all initiatives, my industry experience includes building digital platforms, data platforms, multi-channel marketing, SEO, campaign strategy, loyalty programs and digital operations/sustainability.

My current responsibilities (at NorthShore) include implementing E-commerce strategies, managing customer acquisition and retention as well as increasing market share across incontinence product lines and consumer segments. Responsibilities also include identifying new growth vehicles and strategies to meet sales and profit goals.

Alex Timlin, SVP Retail, Emarsys

Alex, a veteran of over 8 years at Emarsys is dedicated to ensuring the success of E-commerce and Retail businesses. He is a long-time member of the Direct Marketing Association’s Customer Engagement Council, along with being a member of the Marketing Intelligence Hub and a regular industry speaker. Alex is always happy to engage with clients and like-minded professionals on the challenges and opportunities within the Marketing, Customer Success and SaaS technology spaces.

Tabitha Cassidy, Content Manager and Research Analyst, Digital Commerce 360

Tabitha Lynn Cassidy is the content manager and research analyst with Digital Commerce 360. She covers a variety of topics for online publication related to marketing, advertising and various data trends, while also working with the research team to ensure accurate data analysis. In addition to these responsibilities, Tabitha manages the research report process. Tabitha holds a PhD in Communication Studies from Wayne State University.

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