Retailers struggle today to gather all the information about each customer in one place so they can use that data to offer tailored offers. The problem: so many consumers now shop in stores, online and through mobile apps, and via multiple devices. Through hard work, many retailers are making progress in achieving a 360-degree view of customers and increasing sales and lifetime value as a result. Attend this webinar to learn how to match up customer data collected across channels and devices, and how to marry internal systems so that data can be put to good use.

With many stores closed, online shopping is surging, and these insights will help you better personalize your offers to today’s omnichannel shopper. Make your time at home count by attending this important webinar.


Kevin Hawkins, Manager Marketing, FedEx Go to Market, FedEx

Kevin joined FedEx in 2004, bringing 10 years of diverse marketing science and analytics experience gained on the agency side with groups such as Burke and Ipsos, leading projects across multiple industries from banking and insurance to consumer packaged goods.

Currently, Kevin is focused entirely on delivering the FedEx value proposition to the growing population of small and medium enterprises doing business online. He works with a team of channel owners to orchestrate an optimal customer journey that focuses on pulling the right levers at the right time to give those businesses what they need to grow independently, and enable a win-win for FedEx and its amazing customer base and business partners in the integration, platform and marketplace arenas.

Kevin earned bachelor’s degrees from Mississippi State University and an MBA from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Kevin currently resides near the FedEx World Headquarters in Memphis, TN with his wife and family.

Don Davis, Editor at Large, Digital Commerce 360

As editor at large at Vertical Web Media, Don Davis focuses on data-driven research in such areas as luxury and apparel ecommerce as well as B2B ecommerce. Until January 2018, he was editor in chief at Vertical Web Media, responsible for the company’s editorial coverage of business-to-consumer and business-to-business ecommerce.

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Pleasing the Channel Surfing Shopper

The evidence is overwhelming. Consumers want to shop across channels. And when they can do so easily, they often spend more. That means getting omnichannel right is crucial for merchants. For retailers that want to grow sales and compete in the increasingly competitive retail industry, omnichannel simply cannot be ignored.

Featuring special guests FedEx’s Solutions Manager Deanna Kaufman and Internet Retailer’s Chief Technology Editor Katie Evans, this webinar will provide insights into several omnichannel moves and investments by leading retailers and their results and dig into what shoppers really want when it comes to omnichannel. We will also be talking with John Kennelly (General Manager at B8ta), who will share his insights on how to successfully adopt an omnichannel strategy.

Free Shipping Strategies that Boost Retailers’ Profits

Consumers want free shipping on online orders, but shipping isn’t free for retailers. That’s forced retailers to come up with innovative strategies that meet customers’ expectations without compromising profits. That could be offering free shipping at certain times or to certain customers, requiring a minimum order or including free shipping as a perk in a loyalty or credit card program. And some avoid the cost of shipping by encouraging shoppers to pick up orders in stores, which often lead to additional sales. In this data-driven webinar you’ll get the details of which retailers are adopting each strategy and how it’s working for them. Speakers will also report on exclusive survey data that reveals how consumers view the various shipping options retailers offer.

SMB Online Retail Playbook

What exactly can smaller retailers (SMBs) without extremely deep pockets and large employee bases do to win over consumers? It turns out a lot. Many smaller retailers are growing rapidly using innovative marketing techniques, providing tremendous customer service and using other tactics that set them apart from larger players.

Featuring special guests Merin Guthrie, CEO of forward-thinking online seller Kit, and FedEx’s Director of Marketing, Michelle Proctor, this webinar will provide insight into things smaller retailers are doing to stand out and will also focus on key strategic areas of e-commerce where small retailers can shine such as search, production selection, technology, marketing and online marketplaces.

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