A simple site with only a search bar changed the internet forever — ’Googling’ is now a standard part of nearly everyone’s vocabulary. The same functionality also revolutionized e-commerce, with search being a key part of Amazon’s success. Your customers expect easy, instant search results when they use your search bar — but how can you effectively power intelligent search without the armies of engineers employed by the likes of Google and Amazon? 

Join our webinar to learn how you can leverage AI-driven product discovery to instantly supercharge your customer experience and generate revenue today.

During this webinar you will:

  • Gain insights into the latest digital commerce trends and global consumer shifts, based on findings from The State of Commerce Experience study.
  • Learn how to create a truly magical product discovery journey, from relevant search results to product recommendations and ranking.
  • Discover how you can easily leverage technology like personalization, machine learning, and AI to boost conversion and revenue. 


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Eric Buss, Commerce Practice Lead - Americas, IBM iX

Eric Buss leads the North America Digital Commerce Practice at IBM iX. A self proclaimed “Commerce Lifer”, Eric has over 20 years of experience leading GTM, client delivery, and driving growth with the worlds top brands across industries in the digital commerce space. Prior to his time at IBM iX, Eric worked at Accenture Interactive, Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and Acquity Group, a leading NA Commerce Agency.

Christine Reyes, Product Marketing Manager, Bloomreach

As the Product Marketing Manager for Bloomreach’s Discovery products, Christine Reyes helps B2C and B2B companies drive revenue growth through exceptional search, merchandising, and recommendations strategies. She is passionate about helping companies connect the dots between their business goals and the technology they need to make it happen. She holds an English degree from UC Davis and uses her writing background to tell the story of Bloomreach’s innovative technology to the market.

James Risley, Research Analyst, Digital Commerce 360

James Risley is a research analyst at Digital Commerce 360, helping to gather data and identify trends in the world of e-commerce. He also covers web-only brands selling directly to consumers, along with other emerging retailers selling online. He also usually spends too much time researching products before making a purchase and has the worst lawn on his cul-de-sac. He previously covered the tech boom in Seattle and has a M.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University.

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