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In the last year+, the industry saw unprecedented ecommerce demand, and retailers have had to navigate peaks on top of peaks. And along with that deluge in online shopping came a rise in fraud rates. In this webinar, Digital Commerce 360 and panelists will outline how retailers can handle traffic surges and the associated security risks during events that impact a variety of merchandise categories—social media influencer campaigns or media attention, flash sales, releases of limited-edition items like sneakers, Amazon Prime Day and seasonal holidays like Black Friday, Mother’s Day or the back-to-school period. Attendees will learn how merchants and consumers are particularly vulnerable to security breaches and other attacks during peak scenarios. Retail experts also will share best practices for how to prepare for those events and spot issues to protect revenue streams and a brand’s reputation while preserving customer loyalty and confidence that their personal data is safeguarded.


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Jessica Young, Associate Director of Research, Digital Commerce 360

Jessica Young is the associate director of research at Digital Commerce 360, where she oversees data collection methodology and the mining of data to identify trends in the ecommerce industry. She spearheads research efforts for six databases that span thousands of global online retail sites and leads retailer outreach. As a business reporter, she also covers the release of U.S. Department of Commerce retail figures and writes in-depth strategy articles on a variety of topics—including holiday shopping and personalization—for the news website and magazine. Jessica has a Bachelor and Master of Science from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Sean Flynn, Director of Security Strategy and Technology, Akamai Technologies

Sean Flynn is Director of Security Strategy and Technology for Akamai Technologies. Currently he works with companies to ensure Akamai’s Security Vision aligns with and fits industry and customer needs. He also acts as a trainer for web and enterprise security for internal groups. Sean has over 16 years of IT security experience working for networking and application security vendors. Sean joined Akamai in 2012, implementing Akamai security solutions for companies. He was hands-on, helping protect customers from active attacks by state-sponsored actors, hacktivists, and cyber criminals. He has consulted some of the largest customers in Finance, Commerce, and Healthcare on Akamai solutions, implementing application, network, and enterprise security, and security best practices

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In this webinar, retail experts will share best practices for how to prepare for traffic surges and the associated security risks during events that impact a variety of merchandise categories.

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