Online brands and retailers today must proactively devise communication programs that are designed to be captivating and useful to customers, and be ready to engage with customers on the spot.

The evolution of communication channels means online retailers can reach customers any number of ways—such as through social media, text messaging or chat apps, mobile push notifications, email, live chat and more. This webinar will highlight how retailers today use this spectrum of digital communications to connect with customers in ways that drive positive business outcomes, such as in increased conversions and customer lifetime value.

Additionally, we will be talking with Cindy White (Senior Ecommerce Marketing Manager at Plow & Hearth), who will share how Plow & Hearth utilized digital communication tactics to interact with their customers.


April Berthene, Senior Editor, Internet Retailer

Stephanie Crets, Assistant Editor, Internet Retailer

Cindy White, Senior Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Plow & Hearth

Cindy is a results-driven marketing manager with over 15 years of experience. Specializing in email marketing strategies, Cindy has worked with multi-million dollar retailers, such as Staples, Kraft, and Lennar. Her drive and knowledge allowed her to grow initial sales for the Plow and Hearth brands by 17%. She is passionate about multi-channel customer experiences and developing automated campaigns to increase overall engagement and proficiencies.

Chris Savio, Product Marketing Manager, Bold360

Christopher is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for the Bold360 business. Bringing over 12 years of experience, he helps shape the product direction, and owns the development and implementation of the go-to-market plan for employee facing support and AI offerings. He’s passionate about using customer centric research and insights to help push forward strategic decisions and product innovations.


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