Designing the online experience for today’s demanding shopper

Today’s retailers must be on their A-game. Busy shoppers spend only a few precious moments to search and buy – a trend that is growing with the increased use of mobile.  A successful shopping trip demands ample information, powerful imagery, stellar content, and an experience that is well-branded and effectively personalized.

To convert today’s ‘always on the go’ shopper, elements such as strong product visuals that are integrated with rich product information, fast and efficient checkout, and omnichannel fulfillment options are must-haves.

Lauren Freedman, Senior Consumer Insights Analyst at Digital Commerce 360 and Craig Peasley, Director of Product Marketing at Adobe will be joined by merchant K.C. Schmit, Manager, Global Ecommerce Operations at Blizzard Entertainment who will share insights on how they are differentiating their businesses with experience driven commerce.

Learn how to tackle these commerce fundamentals from these industry pros while we share consumer insights, retail best practices, and a few tricks to ensure that you get ahead of the commerce curve.

You’ll discover:

  • Customer experience trends and innovation
  • Merchandising standards and category-centric strategies
  • Takeaways from the winning tactics of top retailers including Blizzard Entertainment.

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You Will Hear From

April Berthene, Editor, Internet Retailer

Lauren Freedman, Senior Consumer Insights Analyst, Digital Commerce 360

K.C. Schmit, Global Ecommerce Operations, Blizzard Entertainment

Craig Peasley, Director of Product Marketing, Adobe


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