The holiday shopping season is a make or break opportunity for most retail e-commerce brands. Cyber 5 pitfalls including bot-driven fraud, mobile threats and site performance issues will drive away shoppers, stifle the shopper experience, increase abandonment and lower conversion. To maximize holiday revenue, you must ensure your e-commerce site is performing optimally and secured from homepage to checkout.

Join Alex Buhler, Chief Technology Officer for Indochino and Debra Sabourin, Senior Manager of E-commerce Operations for Samsonite, along with PerimeterX and Yottaa, for a webinar to hear valuable strategies to implement to ensure your e-commerce site is ready to roll for the Cyber 5 holiday shopping season. You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify useful bot traffic and malicious bot traffic to help reduce the risk of data breaches and improve operational efficiency
  • Prepare for site traffic spikes to maximize your promotions and Cyber 5 revenue
  • Detect suspicious bot activity on mobile apps to protect your mobile storefront and safeguard holiday revenue
  • Ensure fast page load times to increase your e-commerce site conversions and decrease bounce rates

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Debra Sabourin, Senior Manager, Ecommerce Operations, Samsonite

Alex Buhler, Chief Technology Officer, Indochino

Beth Moriarty, VP of Product Marketing, Yottaa

Brian Uffelman, Security Evangelist, PerimeterX

Tom Duggan, VP of Business Development, Digital Commerce 360

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