We often hear “B2B buyers want B2C experiences”. And while that’s true, you can’t just lift-and-shift B2C personalization and recommendations into B2B and expect to see the same results. Products, buyers, and the reasons behind the use of these technologies are dramatically different, and getting it right is critical for B2B businesses.

But what can you realistically do to deliver personalization when you have complex and scarce data, limited resources, and a platform that can’t be easily rehauled?

Join the webinar to hear industry veterans share their insights and success stories about how B2B businesses can deliver outstanding ecommerce experiences through AI-powered product discovery, personalization and recommendations.

You’ll learn:

  • Why product discovery is a low hanging fruit for B2B organizations
  • How you can use search and machine learning to create a frictionless journey
  • How to make the most out of the data you have today to personalize experiences


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Graham Cooke, SVP, Commerce Strategy, Coveo

Graham Cooke is Coveo’s Senior Vice President, Commerce and Strategy. Mr. Cooke joined Coveo in October 2021 further to the completion of the Qubit Acquisition. Prior to joining Coveo, Mr. Cooke founded Qubit in 2010 and was its Chief Executive Officer as of such time. Mr. Cooke has more than 15 years of experience in data, analytics, AI and eCommerce,  including  at  Google,  where  he  was  the  global  leader  for  eCommerce  Improvement.  Mr.  Cooke  has extensive technical and digital experience, a focus in user-centric product design, coupled with in-depth knowledge of  the  eCommerce  and  digital  sectors.  Since  May  2020,  Mr.  Cooke  serves  on  the  board  of  directors  of  ITV  plc,  a London  Stock  Exchange-listed  British  media  producer  and  broadcaster.  He  holds  a  Bachelor  of  Arts  (Politics  and Economics) from Newcastle University.

Brian McGlynn, General Manager of Commerce, Coveo

Brian McGlynn is General Manager of Commerce at Coveo. Having spent more than 20 years in the high-tech industry, Brian’s experience spans start-ups and Fortune 100 companies, including HP and IBM. He’s held roles in sales, consulting, and general management. More recently as General Manager of Intershop’s North American business, Brian spearheaded the company’s growth into new markets with B2C and B2B commerce offerings. In his current role at Coveo, Brian brings a solid ecommerce expertise with a focus on search, content management, and customer analytics. Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology and an MBA from Concordia University. Outside of work, Brian’s voice can be heard on radio stations across New York State

Lauren Freedman, Senior Consumer Insights Analyst, Digital Commerce 360

An ecommerce pioneer with 25 years of retail consulting experience, Lauren Freedman has joined Digital Commerce 360 as senior consumer insights analysts. She is responsible for both B2C and B2B buyer insights, research initiatives and reports while delivering her point of view via editorial. She has long supported top B2B practitioners and B2C retailers, having piloted the first online mystery shopping survey, which provided data for 20 years to retailers and established metrics for the industry at large. She has been a frequent industry speaker and is the author of “It’s Just Shopping.”

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