AI can be a powerful tool for retailers to accelerate learning, personalize experiences, and drive incremental revenue. But tackling this tech space can be a daunting task for any retailer. Stella & Dot, the global social selling fashion and accessories brand, leverages strategic experimentation to dynamically personalize the journey for their stylists, hostesses, and shoppers on its mobile and desktop sites. With a test-and-learn philosophy, the brand has allowed analytics, increased revenue, and consumer engagement to determine future strategy. As a result, Stella & Dot has driven a 400% increase in website engagement and a 52% increase in shopping cart check-outs.

Join Meera Bhatia, COO of Stella & Dot, and AI expert Guy Yalif, CEO of Intellimize, as they discuss the use of AI to drive e-commerce and retail businesses forward, and walk away with practical advice to help you get started with AI to deliver results at your company. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

• How to incorporate new technology into your stack, and how to get started with AI
• How AI can be used to accelerate learning, personalize experiences, and drive incremental revenue
• Stella & Dot’s journey with AI and lessons learned along the way



Bill Briggs, Editor, Internet Retailer

Meera Bhatia, COO, Stella & Dot

Guy Yalif, CEO, Intellimize

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