Are your Amazon listings showing up? Or are you being shut out?

To maximize visibility on Amazon, retailers and brands are shifting more of their advertising budgets to Amazon Advertising. And they are doing so at an incredible rate. According to eMarketer, US advertisers spent more than double on Amazon’s platform last year —  $4.61 billion, to be exact — making it the third biggest ad platform in the country.

If you’re not taking advantage of promotional opportunities available on Amazon, you’re losing out to competitors who are. And even if you are advertising your products on Amazon, you might not be making the impact you could be. Gain more visibility this year and protect your brand space by taking a holistic approach to your Amazon Advertising strategies.

Join Link Walls, ChannelAdvisor’s VP of digital marketing strategy, and Clay Roop, client strategy manager, for a deep dive into Amazon Advertising and cutting-edge promotional strategies. They’ll walk you through the latest trends and tactics you’ll need in 2019 and beyond.

You’ll learn:

  • The current state of Amazon Advertising, including 2018 stats and the latest program rebranding by Amazon
  • Major trends we’re seeing in 2019
  • Practical promotional tips you can apply right now
  • And much more

With the new year in full swing and competition on Amazon growing more intense every day, this is one webinar you don’t want to miss.

Link Walls, VP of Digital Marketing Strategy, ChannelAdvisor

Clay Roop, Client Strategy Manager, ChannelAdvisor

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Advanced Advertising Strategies for Amazon, Facebook & Google

You’re probably already advertising on all three channels. But these are the three most competitive advertising sites in the US, and a mere presence on each is not enough. You need to get your products seen while squeezing the most ROI from your ad spend.

If you’re looking for new ways to increase visibility and build smarter campaigns across these highly competitive sites, you’ll want to join this webinar for a deep dive into cutting-edge strategies for Amazon Advertising, Google Shopping and Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

This webinar takes a closer look at how to design an advanced advertising plan of action for each channel.

The Two Pillars of Amazon Success

Join us for an advanced webinar with an Amazon expert from ChannelAdvisor, Ryan Barker. He’ll walk you through the building blocks you’ll need to master to create the two essential pillars of an effective Amazon strategy, including:

Amazon Content

  • Navigating first-party vs. third-party relationships
  • Enhancing product display page elements
  • Optimizing brand registry and A+ Content/Enhanced Brand Content
  • Boosting Buy Box metrics
  • Utilizing product reviews and ratings
  • And more

Amazon Advertising

  • Aligning on search terms
  • Leveraging product data
  • Selecting targeting options
  • Understanding the “what and why” of automatic and manual campaigns
  • Assessing the competitive landscape
  • And so much more

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