Ecommerce sites and marketplaces that cater to business buyers generated more than $1 trillion in sales in 2018 and that’s only one of the channels that contributes to online B2B sales of nearly $8 trillion a year. B2B ecommerce growth continues to skyrocket and the future promises even more. How can B2B buyers and sellers of all sizes identify and capitalize on opportunity in this complex and multichannel arena? Using key research from the newly published 2019 U.S. B2B Ecommerce Market Report, editors of B2BecNews will delve into the data, break down the market and present webinar attendees with to-the-point takeaways on what’s driving growth in B2B e-commerce, what the numbers really mean to business buyers and sellers, how leaders are gaining market share and how to approach technology investments to support your B2B ecommerce strategy. 

Mark Brohan, Editor, B2BecNews

Don Davis, Editor-at-Large, B2BecNews

Kristin Swenson, Wholesale Distribution Industry Marketing Lead, NetSuite

Kristin drives the overall marketing and go-to-market strategies for NetSuite in the Wholesale Distribution Industry. She works to drive demand for NetSuite while producing thought leadership content to address key trends and top priorities in the industry while highlighting NetSuite’s solution for wholesale distributors. She previously served as a NetSuite Account Manager, giving her a better understanding of NetSuite’s product offering and its application across different businesses. Kristin attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison and currently works for NetSuite in Chicago, IL.

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Join B2BecNews for a webinar detailing insights drawn from a new 2018 B2B buyers survey.

Forrester Research teamed up with B2BecNews to conduct a survey of B2B businesses to understand their experiences buying online.  The survey of both corporate end users and corporate procurement managers produced fresh data about buy-side benchmarks related to B2B channel research and buying preferences, B2B mobile and tablet device behavior, etc.

Speaking to some of these insights will be B2BecNews Senior Editor Mark Brohan and noted B2B e-commerce expert Andy Hoar, CEO of Paradigm B2B. This webinar will provide new aggregate e-commerce performance benchmarks and present critical insights about how B2B companies are buying online.

If you want to know how your prospects likely think, act and behave, register today for this can’t-miss webinar!