As more shoppers have shifted to buying online, Ecommerce sites are fighting for finicky shoppers who are flexing their buying muscles. With choices as to where they spend their time and their money, sites that offer poor customer experiences are abandoned and forgotten. The stakes have never been higher as everyone races to shift fast and hard to improve their digital experiences. However if you don’t fix the basics around how shoppers discover your product catalog then the rest really does not matter.

Join Christine Pelletier and Vincent Bernard as they expose the seven annoyances that turn off shoppers — and what can be done to create friction-free experiences.

You will learn :

  • Search experiences that most irritate customers
  • How (bad) navigation can do more harm than good
  • Why recommendations can sometimes backfire
  • How to avoid irrelevant product listings
  • How to solve these issues fast



Laura Berrigan, Project Manager, Digital Commerce 360

Laura Berrigan is the project manager for Digital Commerce 360’s research team. In this role since 2016, she is responsible for overseeing the collection of freelance and third-party data for the company’s research products.

She is the lead researcher for the Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 E-Retailers report and also heads up additional technology vendor-related research, overseeing company outreach and data collection.

Laura has a B.S. in marketing from Northern Illinois University and joined Digital Commerce 360 (formerly Internet Retailer) in 2011.

Christine Pelletier, Commerce Specialist, Coveo

Christine is a business strategist at the intersection of design and technology. Based out in Canada’s hottest AI hub, Montreal, she’s currently a Commerce Specialist at Coveo. Her role is all about helping people grow their business through smarter digital commerce experiences. Her background in design has proven essential to understanding the needs of organizations to then leverage technology to achieve business growth. In recent years, she has dedicated her time and energy on technologies revolving around AI and Personalization for B2C and B2B commerce.

Vincent Bernard, Lead Solution Architect, Coveo

Vincent Bernard is the Lead Solution Architect at Coveo. Based in Quebec, he worked as an Enterprise Architect and as an entrepreneur in the ERP market. Vincent joined Coveo in January 2017 and now leads the architecture team. He also travels across North America to meet clients and partners. When Vincent isn’t busy building global solutions, you can find him playing music with a fondness for analog synths, electric guitars, and more!

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