Retailers are fighting an uphill battle in 2021. They’re tasked with standing out from the competition on overcrowded ad channels, while still making a strong connection with their audience. And to top it off, they still need to deliver a strong return on investment at the same time. How can retail and ecommerce marketers steer their strategies and overcome these challenges?

Join Matt Walker, President at Lull and Ali Haeri, VP of Marketing at SteelHouse on Thursday, March 25th at 2PM EST. Set against the backdrop of Lull’s success with direct-response strategies on Connected TV, they’ll discuss what retailers need to know when integrating it into their own marketing plans. This is your chance to get first-hand insights born from years of experience leveraging CTV’s ability to leave a lasting impact on audiences—from first impression, all the way to conversion.

You’ll get a 360 degree understanding of what it takes to succeed on CTV from both the retail and ad tech perspective. You’ll learn:

  • Why ecommerce brands stand to gain the most from performance TV campaigns.
  • How to measure the impact of TV advertising unlike ever before.
  • See how a leading mattress company successfully deployed CTV campaigns to drive real, measurable sales.



Matt Walker, President, Lull

Ali Haeri, VP of Marketing, SteelHouse

James Risley, Research Analyst, Digital Commerce 360

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