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The ShopVisible platform is a SaaS based enterprise ecommerce system which includes content management, order management, shipping and payment, channel management, CRM and marketing, ERP and accounting tools. ShopVisible Social Commerce is an enterprise level ecommerce platform with all the functionality built specifically to drive conversations and conversions in Facebook.

ShopVisible offers a comprehensive software-as-a-service e-commerce platform for online and mobile sites. The platform features back-office management including orders, inventory, channel and content management. E-retailers can integrate ShopVisible into third-party systems such as fulfillment, enterprise resource planning, product information management and other platforms that are core to their businesses. ShopVisible’s site navigation and product search functionality enable customers to mix and match items, and its product suggestion capability creates a personalized experience so that shoppers can find the right product for their needs. The platform also features payment options and a social commerce platform.


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Typical Pricing

Pricing and fees vary; company chose not to disclose specific pricing information.