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Together with Awin, ShareASale shares the mission of becoming the global choice for Affiliate Marketing solutions.





ShareASale, an affiliate marketing network, has an extensive network of affiliate partners who drive quality traffic and sales to merchants. By facilitating relationships between affiliates and 4,500+ merchants, ShareASale helps retailers tap into new sources of revenue from sales made via ShareASale’s affiliate network. ShareASale provides a competitive affiliate partner network with technology focused on speed, efficiency, and accuracy rewarding performance. The ShareASale application programming interface provides pay-per-sale, per-lead and per-click programs. The API can generate reports including activity details and void trails.


15 W. Hubbard St., STE 500, Chicago, IL 60654




  • Affiliate Marketing Programs
  • E-commerce Tracking

Products & Services

  • Marketing

Typical Pricing

$550 one-time setup fee, with a required $100 deposited into your account


  • Fanatics League Stores
  • Wayfair
  • Minted
  • Viator
  • The RealReal

Merger & Acquisitions

  • Awin aquired ShareASale in January 2017.

Partnerships & Certifications

  • Awin
  • TOP 20 Affiliate (CPS) Networks 2018 - #2 voted ranking


  • Sarah Beeskow - Vice President
  • Stephanie Salomon - Head of Marketing, US
  • Nick Marchese, Director of Client Success

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I have been working in affiliate marketing as a blogger for four years now, and ShareASale is, hands-down, my favorite company to work with. I trust the reliability of their links more than any other company I work with (and) their platform also makes it easy to create various reports in seconds, which I do often to fully understand and visualize what is working for me.
Owner @
ShareASale is the exclusive network for all 20-plus of our programs…we will do whatever we can to migrate to ShareASale. No other network gives us what we need or what we want like ShareASale does.
Greg Hoffman
President @ Apogee Agency