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Order handling, inventory storage, pick-and-pack, shipping, customer service, returns handling, product preparation services, reporting, web services integration

Fulfillment by Amazon is a service in which Amazon holds a merchant’s inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers and handles delivery for orders received on eBay, the retailer’s e-commerce site, and other web marketplaces and online marketing channels. Retailers pay for order handling, pick-and-pack, weight handling and inventory storage. Fulfillment by Amazon also provides customer service.


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Typical Pricing

On-Amazon fulfillment: free order handling, pick & pack is $1.04/unit ordered by customer, weight handling starting at $0.50/lb./unit/ordered by customer, storage starting at $0.51/cubic ft./mo.; multichannel fulfillment: order handling starting at $1.90/ordered by customer, pick & pack is $0.60/unit oredered by customer; weight handling starting at $0.45/lb./unit ordered by customer, storage starting at $0.51/cubic ft./mo.

Sales Representation

Dirk Reckerman