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Most popular payment options offered by top retailers

Internet Retailer analyzed the payment options of each of the Top 1000 retailers--both on its site and mobile apps. American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover remain the most popular, however retailers are starting to integrate mobile payment options, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Venmo as well. These are the results of the analysis.

Market overview: Online hardware and home improvement category

An analysis of the 150 largest hardware and home improvement retailers shows the market grew 23% in 2017 to $40.26 billion. E-commerce now accounts for 9.2% of total retail sales in the category, up from 3.9% in 2012. Here's an in-depth analysis of the state of the market and how the economic environment, such as new home sales and construction starts, will impact the hardware and home improvement industry in the coming years.

Data behind e-commerce food leaders

The online food industry grew 26.5% in 2017, nearly nine times faster than the 3% growth of total food sales in the U.S. While the e-commerce market for food and grocery is growing fast, 2017 online sales were $31.39 billion, a fraction of the $1.0 trillion U.S. food industry.

Retail categories with high mobile traffic

Automotive parts and accessories retailers get roughly 60% of site traffic from mobile devices, the highest among all retail categories tracked by Internet Retailer. The high mobile traffic may be because shoppers are comparison shopping while they're in a store or auto shop. On the other hand, office supplies retailers get the least share from mobile devices at 27%. This may be because consumers don't browse around as much for office supplies, and because they purchase these products when it's top-of-mind, such as back-to-school season or when they're in their offices (near a desktop).