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Online Marketplaces : Online marketplaces are websites where multiple merchants can market and sell goods to consumers. Online marketplace operators typically charge the seller a listing fee or take a commission on each sale.

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An argument for a new kind of regulation of Amazon and other tech giants

Technology consultant Robin Gaster proposes in a new book on Amazon that big tech companies be regulated as utilities and required to provide detailed data about their operations. He argues that would especially benefit the millions of sellers on Amazon’s platform that today have little choice but to accept Amazon’s rules and sometimes arbitrary penalties.

How might President Joe Biden impact ecommerce?

The incoming Biden administration must address trade relations with China, and that could impact online retailers, say industry executives. They are also closely watching whether the new president and Democrat-controlled Congress will seek to break up tech giants or force them to take greater responsibility for what’s on their sites, which could include marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

The most important benchmark for Amazon sellers

Many B2B as well as retail sellers will learn the hard way that building a profitable business on Amazon requires more than simply listing items and waiting for sales, writes Ryan Faist of Channel Key. He offers a blueprint for making sales happen.