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A breakdown of Walmart's e-commerce acquisitions

In an effort to quickly grow its e-commerce business and acquire top e-commerce personnel talent, Walmart Inc. has been on an acquisition spree the last couple years. Since August 2016, Walmart has acquired 7 online retailers, including women's apparel brands Eloquii and Bare Necessities in October of this year. Here's who else Walmart has acquired, the value of the deals and e-commerce stats, such as shopper demographics, of each acquired retailer.

Walmart's latest acquisition Eloquii grew 22% online in 2017

Walmart will acquire plus-size apparel brand Eloquii, which sold $36 billion online last year, Internet Retailer estimates. This data shows Eloquii's web growth since relaunching in 2014 and a snapshot of each of Walmart’s six retail acquisitions in the last two years, including sales and demographic data of each site.