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Ecommerce Leaders : Ecommerce leaders are top online retailers in their category, including the giant everyone cares about, Amazon.

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How retailers are using geolocation to personalize e-commerce sites

In an analysis of 125 leading online retailers, just under half of e-commerce sites studied showed some awareness of where a shopper was geographically located. Only about one in five made specific predictions with an auto-populated city or zip code.

Why retailers plan to invest in e-commerce technology

78% of retailers surveyed say they will increase spending on e-commerce technology this year, and the top reason is to attract new customers, according to an exclusive Internet Retailer survey.

Online luxury sales projected to grow 21% in 2018

Retailers are taking note that more consumers are willing to pay for high-end luxury goods online. E-commerce sales of luxury goods are set to hit $33.9 billion, up from $27.9 billion a year ago. Here's a snapshot of the online luxury market over the last couple years.