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Digital Marketing : Digital marketing is the marketing of the products online, on mobile and other digital channels.

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For marketers, betting on generational differences may be a costly bet

The differences within and among Millennials are as great as the differences within and among the general population of U.S. adults. Marketers have to look beyond the age of their target audience to determine what will engage them.

Retailers are finally wising up to their retargeting problem

Retargeting is an effective online marketing tactic, but attributing all sales to the last touch overstates the value of the tactic. When retailers test how much incremental value they get from retargeting they often cut back and direct marketing dollars to other channels.

7 keyword research tips to attract more customers

Competing effectively for the right keywords is crucial for online retailers. Focus on search intent with niche and problem-solving keywords, keeping your demographic profiles in mind. By using questions and problem-solving keywords you can modify the most popular search terms to achieve better SERP positions for highly competitive keywords.