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Global Industrial runs with a timely new brand message

As it approaches $1 billion in sales and deals with the ongoing impact of the pandemic, the distributor’s new branding tag line—“We Can Supply That”—coincides with the company’s desire to make its B2B ecommerce site “more welcoming” to customers during the pandemic and beyond, CEO Barry Litwin says. Above: A Global Industrial branded factory floor scrubber.

A review of 7 functionally innovative B2B ecommerce sites

Engaging online B2B buyers with helpful website features requires a good mix of innovation and practical designs. Lori McDonald of Brilliance Business Solutions offers seven examples of B2B online sellers that get it right.

How B2B companies met the challenges of 2020

We serve up 30-plus stories and commentaries on manufacturers' and distributors' growth strategies and how they adjusted to COVID-19 and new challenges and opportunities to prepare for 2021.

Protolabs: Redoing the revolution in digital manufacturing

It’s been two decades since Proto Labs Inc. struck a revolutionary cord with on-demand digital manufacturing. Now its second-generation ecommerce platform supports more complicated collaboration with customers on custom manufacturing across the multiple processes of 3D printing, CNC machining, and injection molding—and at the same time speeds up price quotes on projects. Above: A Protolabs 3D printing project.

How the right teams can unlock the value of ecommerce data

Online sellers face both a challenge and an opportunity to manage the flood of data from ecommerce—and figure out how to put it to use in building customer loyalty and growth in sales. The top executives in charge of managing information and marketing must work together to make that happen, writes Grace Liu of Seagate Technology.

Ecommerce platform vendor Spryker raises $130 million

Spryker Systems, a provider of B2B and retail ecommerce technology, says it will use the funding to build out its products for developing B2B ecommerce sites and enterprise marketplaces and to introduce a technology “AppStore.”

Dealing digitally with COVID’s long-term business changes

As companies operate with tighter technology spending budgets while also seeking to further digitally transform their operations, technology suppliers need to expand offerings like product trials, giving customers greater insight into exactly how a new product will integrate with existing infrastructure, Sharon Ruddock of SAP Digital Commerce writes.

Bringing a sales rep-like experience to B2B ecommerce

B2B companies are seeing that their ecommerce pricing strategies must be as differentiated and nuanced as they are in the traditional offline sales channel managed by salespeople. This a complicated process that must factor in ongoing changes in market supply and demand, but the right mix of technology can dynamically generate pricing that complements the efforts of sales reps while personalizing the buying experience for online customers, Pete Eppele of Zilliant writes.