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An argument for a new kind of regulation of Amazon and other tech giants

Technology consultant Robin Gaster proposes in a new book on Amazon that big tech companies be regulated as utilities and required to provide detailed data about their operations. He argues that would especially benefit the millions of sellers on Amazon’s platform that today have little choice but to accept Amazon’s rules and sometimes arbitrary penalties.

Amazon offers to help Biden administration with vaccinations

Dave Clark, the incoming CEO of Amazon’s retail unit, reiterated a request Amazon made to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last month asking that frontline workers among the company’s more than 800,000 U.S. employees receive vaccines at the “earliest appropriate time.”

Amazon keeps buying pricey jets after promising a drone fleet

Despite creating algorithms to anticipate shoppers’ needs and opening all those warehouses, Amazon can’t meet its one- and two-day shipping pledge to customers without an ever-expanding fleet of pricey jets. That reality has become clearer since the pandemic fueled a surge in online shopping.

Amazon’s Parler removal shows cloud unit’s rarely used power

Parler went offline late Sunday after Amazon Web Services suspended its account, a potentially crippling blow for the social media site favored by right-wing extremists. Some extremists used the site to advocate violence ahead of last week’s riot at the U.S. Capitol. Parler responded by suing Amazon for ending the web hosting service.

2021 online retail predictions

Retailers can expect fresh opportunities and challenges, technological advancements and possible consolidation in 2021, the Digital Commerce 360 staff says. Shopping patterns are unlikely to return to the 'normal' of late 2019.

It’s a good time to sell an Amazon-based retail business

A slew of buyout firms flush with cash are seeking to buy small brands successfully selling on Amazon. These acquiring companies aim to put resources behind those brands, increasing their sales and profits. Meanwhile, the entrepreneurs who have built these small brands can cash out at attractive prices.

Amazon's warehouse workers struggle to make ends meet

Amazon’s object is to persuade potential recruits that there’s no better place to work. The reality is less rosy. Many Amazon warehouse employees struggle to pay the bills, and more than 4,000 employees are on food stamps in nine states.

Walmart expands free shipping for Walmart+

Starting Friday, the world’s largest retailer is removing the $35 minimum on online orders for Walmart+ members to receive free next-day or two-day shipping for most items. However, grocery orders from stores will still require that amount as a minimum for free expedited delivery.