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What you can expect to learn?

Here are some of the things you can learn from this report:

  • How the 500 leading North American retailers rank by online sales, 1 to 500
  • The Performance Score of each of the Top 500, a rating exclusive to Internet Retailer that takes into account a retailer’s online growth, how well it competes online with competitors in its category, and its mobile and social prowess.
  • Online sales as a percentage of total retail sales in 15 merchandise categories
  • An in-depth look at Amazon’s sales growth, selection and sales by category
  • Effective strategies for competing against Amazon
  • How a few store-based retailers are bucking the trend and growing web sales quickly
  • Which five big companies dragged down Top 500 growth online
  • How fast-growing newcomers are differentiating themselves from giants like Amazon
  • Which merchandise categories are growing the fastest online? Which ones the slowest?
  • How many store-based retailers are adopting such omnichannel strategies as shipping web orders from stores
  • How many shoppers belong to Amazon Prime, their demographics and what they buy
  • Which Top 500 retailers have been acquired, by whom and why

Who would benefit from this report?

Types of business professionals who have purchased this report in the past:

  • Owners, e-commerce directors and marketing executives at any retail business
  • Organizations that invest in retail businesses
  • Consulting firms that advise retailers
  • Vendors that sell technology and services to retailers

How can this information help my business?

Here are some ways this report can help your business move forward:

  • Retailers of all kinds can benchmark their online sales growth against similar companies (web-only, retail chain, cataloger, consumer goods manufacturer) and against retailers selling similar merchandise
  • The rankings allow for a comparison of any retailer to others in its category, by rank and by Internet Retailer’s proprietary Performance Score that assesses a retailer’s overall e-commerce success
  • By describing strategies that are working—and not working—in retail today
  • By providing background on growth in online versus total retail sales, and the kinds of companies that are growing the fastest
  • Understanding the product categories that are growing fast online, and those that are not, can help you make decisions on what to sell and how
  • Retail chains can learn which omnichannel strategies competitors are employing to fulfill online orders more effectively and to sell more to store shoppers equipped with data from web research


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