Next 1000 Database

A complete ranking of the 1,001-2,000 of mid-sized online retailers selling in North America
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Next 1000 Database

What is the Next 1000?

The Digital Commerce 360 Next 1000 Database is a complete ranking of the 1,001-2,000 midsized online retailers selling in North America. Available in Basic Plus and Pro Database options, the Next 1000 Database includes competitive data on these 1,000 online retailers ranked by 2019 web sales and ranging from just under $30 million to over $1 million.

Whether you’re looking for your next ecommerce solutions client, your next acquisition, investment opportunity, or simply researching new competitors, the Next 1000 Database is an ecommerce prospector’s best tool. It contains valuable data on each Next 1000 web merchant, including:

  •         2019 web sales
  •         Performance metrics including operations, traffic and sales tax data
  •         Primary merchandise category
  •         Email marketing and shopper demographics
  •         International shipping data
  •         Investment funds raised
  •         Marketplace participation
  •         Sources of website traffic
  •         Top Executives
  • Corporate contact information

The Next 1000 is only available as a 1-year $1,995 Basic Plus license. If you’re interested in a PRO license—which includes exact web sales, conversion rates, monthly traffic and average tickets—contact Steve Rogers at [email protected] for pricing.

We strive to provide the highest-quality and most comprehensive data on the ecommerce industry through our online databases. While we formally launch new editions of each database product annually, we make data updates and ranking changes throughout the year to ensure we’re providing our subscribers the most up-to-date data.


  • Full rankings Nos. 1,001-2000 and company profiles
  • 2019 sales figures
  • Corporate contact info on ecommerce executives
  • Operations, Traffic & Sales Tax Data
  • Email Marketing and Shopper Demographics
  • New International Shipping Data
  • New Regional Sales, International Shipping and Mobile Sales Data

*Data varies based on database plan

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