Internet Retailer Magazine (Print 2‑Pack)

Receive 2-Print Issues of the Leading Source in Ecommerce News, Analysis and Data. Available only to U.S. residents.
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Internet Retailer Magazine (Print 2-Pack)

Internet Retailer is the leading magazine in ecommerce, providing insights and analysis of the competitive strategies, marketing practices and new technologies that are driving the growth of online retailing. If you are a retailer, online retailer, consumer-brand manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, or an ecommerce technology provider, Internet Retailer’s full-time editorial staff provides award-winning analysis of e-retailing and proprietary data on America’s 1,000 largest e-retailers that you will not find anywhere else. Internet Retailer is a Digital Commerce 360 brand.


Subscription Qualifications:

  • Must be U.S. Resident
  • Must purchase prior to July 15, 2019


The Print 2-Pack Includes these issues of Internet Retailer Magazine:

  • August 2019
  • November 2019
  • $39 includes shipping for both issues

Included with your Subscription:

  • Account Dashboard with all past and future Internet Retailer Digital Magazine Issues (PDF)
  • Access to all Strategy Pro content on
  • Periodical Executive Reports from
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