2018 B2B E‑Commerce 300

B2B E-Commerce World's Rankings of the Leaders in B2B E-Commerce
  • Ranks companies by 2017 B2B e-commerce sales (actual web sales only in database)
  • Database includes 300 detailed profiles with up to 68 data elements per listing
  • PDF report provides in-depth analysis of the fast-growing B2B e-commerce market
  • Database version lists vendors and suppliers used by B2B sellers across 31 technology categories
  • Publish Date [current edition]: October 2017
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What you get

B2B E-Commerce 300 Report

A 75-page PDF report, analyzing and ranking the leading B2B e-commerce players

  • Rankings
  • Report Contents

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  • Web Sales

    Web Sales Ranges

  • Charts and Tables
  • Company Spotlights
  • Report & Analysis
  • Online Database Access


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B2B E-Commerce 300 Database

For the data manipulator. Exact web sales per company, full company profiles

  • Rankings
  • Web Sales

    Exact Web Sales

  • Charts and Tables
  • Company Spotlights
  • Report & Analysis
  • Data Elements

    Up to 68

  • Customizable Facts
  • Online Database Access
  • Corporate Execs
  • User License $495

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The B2B E-Commerce 300 collectively sold

$563.65 billion

online in 2017

The B2B E-Commerce 300 represents


of the $889 billion in total B2B e-commerce sales in the United States for 2017

B2B E-Commerce 300 manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers ranked by


industry categories

2018 B2B E-Commerce 300

Original Research Ranks & Analyzes the 300 Leading B2B E-Commerce Companies

The story of e-commerce is all about how retail web sites successfully challenged stores, putting many out of business—right? Wrong! What happened in retailing is playing out right now in thousands of manufacturing and wholesaling companies that sell to businesses, and as is the case in retailing, the businesses that are rapidly adopting online selling methods are gaining share over those lagging behind. And it’s all happening on a stage that much larger than retail. In fact, Forrester Research estimates that the country’s B2B e-commerce market this year will hit $889 billion, more than double the size of America’s e-retailing market.

The only place where you can find rankings and key metrics on the 300 companies that control nearly two-thirds of this massive B2B online market is the all-new 2018 B2B E-Commerce 300. Introduced by B2BecNews and Internet Retailer and is available in two versions: an in-depth 75-page PDF report (see the table of contents to get a better understanding of what is included in the report) and an online database (all database orders include the PDF report)The 300 companies ranked and profiled in the report will grow their B2B e-commerce sales this year by 7.1% to $535.7 billion, double the growth rate of the overall B2B economy.

Comparing the PDF Report and the Online Database

The PDF Version:  The 2018 B2B E-Commerce 300 downloadable PDF version, priced at $249, does much more than merely rank these companies based on their estimated 2017 online B2B sales. It also reports the online sales ranges and 2017 growth rates of each ranked company, analyzes B2B e-commerce market trends, provides case studies on the e-commerce growth strategies of top performers, and for the first time provides growth rates and other summary metrics on e-commerce sales and growth rates in 18 B2B industry categories, including details on some of the leading e-commerce operators in each of those categories.

The Database Version (includes the report):  The interactive and web-accessible 2018 B2B E-Commerce 300 database digs much deeper into the B2B e-commerce market, with descriptive profiles and data that contain exact 2017 online sales estimates plus up to 68 performance metrics on each of the 300 ranked manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers whose business, government and other enterprise clients are buying from them online. Priced at $495 for an annual user license, the customizable database allows users to rank and obtain web sales and performance metrics on all the leaders of each of the 18 B2B industry segments, making it possible to compare your company’s online sales, growth and performance with competitors in the segment of the broad B2B market that you specialize in. Included in your membership, all database buyers receive the PDF report for FREE (a $249 value)

Given the size of the U.S. B2B economy, the online portion still represents a fraction of the market. But its steady growth rate—more than twice the growth of the overall economy—makes B2B e-commerce a critical market to monitor, because it provides a huge opportunity to increase sales effectiveness and profitability and charts the path to the future of business in America.

Benefits of Buying Online Databases

Features of the B2B E-Commerce 300 Database :

  • See actual B2B e-commerce web sales
  • 300 detailed company profiles
  • Access up to 68 metrics per company profile
  • Listing of vendors and suppliers used by B2B sellers across 31 technology categories
  • Receive the B2B E-Commerce 300 Report for FREE ($249 value)
  • Save online reports in your dashboard

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