The 2020 Cyber 5 Holiday Report is your all-inclusive wrap up of the peak period during the peak season.

Online sales grew 20.6% over the Cyber 5, faster than ever before but slower than projections. The report includes online sales data by day over the Cyber 5 period, a look at promotional strategies for the top 50 online retailers and DNVBs, results from a real-word curbside pickup test and more.

The report includes the following features:

  • Online sales grow a slower-than-expected 20.6% over Cyber 5 but still set records” is a comprehensive data-focused story on online sales and growth over the Cyber 5.
  • “Nearly all top 50 online retailers promote Cyber Monday deals” looks at the promotional messages around discounting and shipping speed top online merchants displayed over the Cyber 5.
  • “Digital natives ramp up deals for Cyber Monday” looks at the promotional strategies of DNVBs over the Cyber 5.
  • “Fulfillment operations improvements will outlive the pandemic” details the lengths a number of retailers went to make fulfillment safer and more flexible, and why these changes will endure after the COVID-19 crisis fades away.
  • “Supply chain snafus snarl online retailers’ holiday plans” is a full-length feature on how merchants are struggling to secure merchandise in time for the holidays and what they are doing in light of these issues.
  • Home for the holidays:  A curbside shopping experience” shares the results from a real-world test of curbside pickup over the Cyber 5.
  • In “What Amazon Prime Day 2020 teaches us about the upcoming holidays” our research and editorial director Fareeha Ali shares insights on how Amazon’s late Prime Day impacted the Cyber 5 and the rest of the holiday season.

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