About three months into the coronavirus crisis, retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers have had to adapt to a range of changes to their industries. Consumers and companies are shopping online more but also are buying some items less as they are wary about the economy. Warehouse workers need to take extra steps to stay safe and supply chains have been disrupted. And that’s just a few changes. This report examines all the ways retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers are being agile to weather the coronavirus storm.

Inside the June Strategy Report:

  • “The calm during the storm” explores how companies have shifted to survive (or sometimes thrive) during the crisis—including employing new customer service, marketing, fulfillment and website management tactics.
  • “How two consumer goods startups pivoted as the coronavirus hit” investigates how two retailers: Vybes, which sells CBD-infused beverages, and Nera, a high-end brand of sneakers made in Italy, made quick changes in the face of the swift-moving pandemic.
  • “Grocery retailers adapt as coronavirus upends shopping patterns” uncovers how the shift in grocery shopping to online has spurred retailers to adapt quickly and how the change in consumer behavior could create long-term challenges as the giant retail sector accelerates its transition to ecommerce and omnichannel fulfillment.

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