The future of fulfillment has arrived and merchants of all sizes are incorporating automation and sustainability into their fulfillment strategies.  

From the time a consumer hits purchase, automated omnichannel software determines if a store or warehouse’s inventory will be used to fulfill the order. At the warehouse, robots and humans work in tandem to pick and pack that order. The order is then delivered, most often by a human and a truck, but soon that could be a drone, robot or autonomous vehicle. And this is all done with the planet in mind, from offsetting carbon emissions to using only the amount of packaging needed and no more.

This is all happening today, with more retailers incorporating these practices into their businesses.

Our June Strategy Insights report “Fulfillment in the age of automation and sustainability” features the following articles written by Digital Commerce 360 editors:

  • “Warehouse robots speed ecommerce fulfillment” explores the benefits of warehouse automation and takes a look behind the scenes at the robot-powered fulfillment centers at Amazon and Kroger.
  • In “Making fulfillment more sustainable,” retailers share the ways they are making their fulfillment operations more sustainable, such as by changing product packaging, reducing shipping packaging, offsetting carbon emissions and more.
  • “The many paths to omnichannel fulfillment” show how automated processes can help merchants find the best approach to use their store and warehouse inventory to fulfill web orders.
  • “How robots could transform last-mile delivery” explores the unique and futuristic ways retailers are using robots, drones and autonomous vehicles to deliver an order.

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