2019 was a big year for ecommerce. Amazon drove consumers to expect their online orders faster than ever after remaking Prime into a 1-day delivery program. Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic and others helped rental clothing services go mainstream. Happy Returns and Narvar made it easier than ever for shoppers to return items they bought from online-only retailers. And a number of major retailers embarked on strategic shifts.

So what will developments will lie in the year ahead? The December issue of Internet Retailer examines how ecommerce may evolve next year.

Inside the December issue

  • “Retailers adapt to rising fraud rates” looks at how merchants are working to ensure they have safeguards in place to combat fraud.
  • “What California’s new privacy law means for retailers” explains the potential impact of the new data privacy standard.
  • “Retailers adapt to the evolving marketing landscape” examines how online merchants plan to spend their digital marketing budgets next year.
  • “How the new North American free trade agreement will impact ecommerce” looks at how the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement may drive more retailers to sell across borders.

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