The current environment challenges are affecting every aspect of the supply chain. This report explores how retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers are adapting their strategies to deliver during today’s changed fulfillment landscape—from getting orders from point A to point B, to all the technology and services involved, to best practices on handling the customer when it comes to fulfillment, shipping and delivery.

Inside the June issue of Internet Retailer Magazine:

“Coronavirus drives innovation in fulfillment” explores how retailers are getting back on track after at first struggling make on-time deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic. It specifically uncovers how retailer NorthShore Care Supply has found ways to better automate its fulfillment during the crisis.

“Going digital with your supply chain” uncovers how digitizing the supply chain—from smart sensors in containers to monitor product conditions, to digital sales and operations planning platforms—can pay off for retailers both now and later.

“Online logistics keep freight moving” reports on how logistics service providers are currently taking steps to keep orders moving through warehouses and truckers on the road.

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