With competition only a click away, retailers need to find ways to make it easy and secure for shoppers to pay or else they risk losing a sale.

Online shoppers crave convenience, particularly when they’re looking to complete their online purchases. That explains why nearly 95 million U.S. online shoppers have saved their payment information with a retailer online, according to a new CreditCards.com report.

A recent Princeton Survey Research Associates International survey found that about 62% of U.S. adults shop online and 65% of them, nearly 95 million, save their payment information with at least one retailer. 10% always save their credit or debit card information on a merchant’s website or in app to make a future purchase, 30% sometimes do, 25% rarely do and 34% never save their information. The remaining consumers didn’t know or refused to answer the question.

In this sponsored technology focus report, industry executives discuss new ways that retailers are making it easy and safe for shoppers to pay online, in apps and on their smartphones.

From the Editors of Internet Retailer

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