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May 2019

Special Topic Edition: The Digital Marketing Issue

Digital marketing has grown to be incredibly complex. This special edition of Internet Retailer examines the digital marketing landscape from multiple angles to help readers understand the benefits, and potential challenges, posed by the latest digital marketing tools and techniques.

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How a massive marketing budget drives shoppers to Amazon

Data from Internet Retailer’s recently released Top 1000 shows how retailers’ marketing budgets often correlate with sales.

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GNC leverages digital receipts to drive sales

The retailer is adding marketing messages to its digital receipts, which have open rates up to three times that of other promotional emails.

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Why landing pages are crucial to Blenders Eyewear's success

Blenders’ landing pages highlight influencers that the brand works with and drive shoppers to check out limited-edition styles.

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What consumers think about digital marketing

It’s never been more difficult to capture consumers’ attention. That’s why it’s crucial retailers find ways to deliver relevant messages to shoppers.

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Five ways audience targeting can improve paid search results

Reaching the right audience is critical to getting the most out of paid search spend.

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Editor's Letter: Constant change

Retailers must keep up with the changing within the digital marketing landscape or risk being left in the dust.

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[Sponsored Article] The next wave of growth: relationship automation

Retailers are working with a growing array of affiliates, influencers and others that are helping them build brand awareness and drive sales.

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[Sponsored Article] As search evolves, retailers need the right tools to keep up

Retailers can’t afford to ignore the vast number of consumers navigating the internet via organic search results.

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