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June 2018

Can Wayfair construct a profitable business model?

This month’s cover story examines the home goods retailer’s plans, as well as whether it can turn a profit?

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Winners and losers in e-commerce today

Looked at from a distance, the Top 1000 online retailers in North America had a terrific year in 2017. However, this story explains that the reality is more complex.

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An Rx for healthcare web sales

Now more than ever consumers are paying more for healthcare—and much of that is spent online buying a wide variety of medical equipment and supplies.

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What it takes to capture consumers’ attention on social media

Amid an environment where capturing consumers’ attention on social media is increasingly difficult, good content is increasingly crucial to driving consumers to click on merchants’ social media posts or ads to their sites.

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Building a moat

By selling their own unique products, digitally native, vertically integrated brands are avoiding the challenge of competing directly with Amazon and other merchants.

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Turning data into dollars

Sophisticated analytics tools are helping retailers collect more shopper data across channels and take action to boost their bottom lines.

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AI: Beyond the hype

Artificial intelligence can translate data into action and refine many aspects of e-commerce interactions. But it is still early days for the technology.

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Can quick checkout buttons solve retailers’ mobile conversion problem?

Retailers that offer quick checkout methods on their mobile sites find the buttons speed checkout and increase mobile conversions.

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Omnichannel fulfillment isn’t easy

While consumers’ fulfillment and delivery expectations are increasing, many leading e-retailers don’t offer a full menu of options. This special report examines the various ways merchants are adapting to consumers’ needs.

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How retailers can stand out and stay relevant

Lazard Middle Market’s Eric Roth and Ryan Hays offer a number of strategies online merchants can use to differentiate their offerings, generate enhanced customer loyalty and bolster their customers’ lifetime value.

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The 3 biggest mistakes brands make on Amazon

Marketplace Growth Partners and etailz founder Josh Neblett says the e-commerce giant is its own retail ecosystem that requires Amazon-specific marketing strategies.

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E-commerce is hard

While it’s never been more difficult to turn a profit selling online, there’s no shortage of innovative retailers seeking to find ways to do so.

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