An analysis of the top ecommerce platform providers serving Top 1000 retailers, with key findings about today’s ecommerce platform landscape.

49% of online retailers listed ecommerce platforms as a top three investment priority in the coming year, according to an August Internet Retailer survey of 183 retailers. It was the No. 1 response.

Retailers are investing in platforms because ecommerce sites are arguably the most important technology for online retailers. They are the foundation of an e-retail business. For shoppers, the ecommerce site is the face of a retailer and for merchants, ecommerce platforms need to be easy to work with, modify and customize. And they need to function—without fail.

The full version of the report is available for $299. Please enjoy the key findings version of the 2019 Guide to Ecommerce Platforms Report courtesy of Adobe. Both reports include data on pricing, client sales and key new features from platform vendor leaders.

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