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This Month's Featured Resources

Definitive Guide to Referral Marketing

Happy customers are your best marketing tool. This guide takes you through the steps needed to harness their loyalty and drive new customer acquisition.

It includes pragmatic advice on:

  • Building a referral business case
  • Where to promote referral
  • Which incentives to use
  • The metrics to measure success



The Elusive Engagement Factor - An Ultimate Guide for Site Search Conversion

Most online retailers are struggling with the piling costs of maintaining their site search and they’re starting to understand the value of using Natural Language Processing search. NLP not only allows online visitors to use spoken language to describe exactly what they are looking for, but, more importantly, it uses natural language algorithms to automatically classify catalog data and build the most relevant search concepts.

Does searching for the best product sometimes feel like trying to find waldo? Read our eBook and learn how to best utilize your site search.



Inventory Management for Online Retailers eBook

Managing Inventory is a common concern for eCommerce companies and can be a barrier to growth and profitability. We take a close look at common inventory management best practices from gaining visibility into your sales channels to available to sell guidelines. This eBook will provide you insight on each topic and explains why a strong inventory management system can help you in the long run.




Melissa Magazine - The Customer Experience Starts with People Data

At Melissa, we’re here to help you build great People Data — the kind of data you find in your CRM, ERP, call center, and/or e-commerce systems. Every day we help businesses like yours improve their data quality and make better-informed business decisions. And, after 32 years experience, we’ve gotten pretty darn good at this. This magazine is full of case studies, best practices and tips to help you do better things with your data, as well as some examples of how we’ve worked with companies like yours to clean up data and improve data collection processes that were holding them back. It’s our gift to you. We hope this magazine will help make the big, crucial job of building great data a little more manageable.