A swift start, but a slow finish

The holiday season started out relatively strong. Online sales grew an estimated 15.0% compared with Nov. 1-26, 2018. But sales slowed in the second half of the season and many big merchants missed their sales targets.

Explanations for slow down range from shoppers shifting their buying habits to consumers having six fewer days to shop. This Digital Commerce 360 special report, from the editors of Internet Retailer, examines how the online holiday season shook out for many retailers.

Inside the February special report:

  • How retailers delivered on delivery for holiday 2019” looks into how an increase in packages shipped strained carriers’ ability to get online orders to shoppers’ doors on time.
  • Why the holidays weren’t very merry for many retailers” examines why online sales advanced less than some analysts expected in 2019.
  • Site glitches and downtime hurt retailers over the holidays” looks at why merchants’ websites suffered from slow loading times, as well as others that failed to let shoppers complete their transactions over the Cyber 5 period.

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