Real-world examples of how B2C and B2B companies have overcome 6 common pain points

Ecommerce has been growing rapidly for years, and COVID-19 accelerated that growth dramatically. That is true whether you are a retailer selling to consumers or a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor selling to businesses.

This surge in online purchasing has both retailers and B2B sellers looking for better ecommerce technology. In a September 2020 survey by advisory firm BDO, 51% of retail CFOs said they had invested more in ecommerce in the past six months, and 64% planned to spend more in the next six months.

With ecommerce spending on the rise, merchants need to ensure their platform is built for growth. An ecommerce platform must be reliable, secure and easy to use — that’s always been true. But today, it must also be highly flexible.

This report looks at six common pain points and how to address them while selecting an ecommerce platform. It covers:

  1. Customer experience
  2. Site maintenance
  3. Total cost of ownership
  4. Omnichannel selling
  5. B2B ecommerce
  6. Testing and migrating

Customers want to purchase in whatever way best meets their needs. And companies selling online should demand the same flexibility to satisfy their specific ecommerce requirements.  Learn how to best make your platform decision with this report.

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