Fine-Tuning B2B Digital Commerce

This report provides an inside look into what a diversified group of manufacturers and distributors like MSC Industrial Supply Co., global electronics distributor Premier Farnell, Tractor Supply Co., Hewlett Packard Enterprise and IBM are doing to make e-commerce work for them, their sales reps and their customers.

The technologies and strategies covered include personalizing e-commerce sites to the needs of customers; upgrading legacy e-commerce technology to make it easier to use by both sellers and buyers; applying artificial intelligence and cognitive computing applications; and getting sales reps and self-service e-commerce to work in a complementary way.

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Five New Technologies Online Retailers Can Deploy Now

This report highlights five technologies that are moving into the mainstream, with examples of early-adopter retailers and their results. The best part is that these advances don’t require retailers to rip up their existing e-commerce infrastructure. These are five technologies that every retailers should be considering as they draft their 2018 e-commerce roadmap.

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