Buy-online-pick-up-in-store orders (BOPAC), driven primarily by curbside pickup, increased three to four times in the spring and summer. One thing is clear: Consumers will not want to go back.

In Conquer Curbside, you will hear from the experts who have worked with some of the biggest retailers in the country and know what it takes to successfully launch and maintain curbside pickup. Learn about:

  • How to keep your staff and customers safe in a time of COVID-19.
  • The key logistical concerns for running your store like a warehouse.
  • The key statistics that prove the massive value of a curbside pickup program.
  • How to protect your business, while still delivering the rapid fulfillment required to make good on curbside pickup’s promise.

Are you ready for the curbside-pickup era and will you be able to sustain the service long after the virus is gone? See what it takes in this ebook.

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