What’s behind the wild growth of B2B marketplaces?

Marketplaces are blossoming for B2B commerce. Here’s how buyers and sellers are cashing in on them.

B2B marketplaces are attracting substantial investments and generating high volumes of sales as buyers and sellers flock to them as centers of commerce across multiple industries. But what’s drawing investors to back B2B marketplaces and how are marketplaces are using their inflow of funds?

This B2B Strategy Report, B2B Marketplaces Series—Pt 1, has the answers.

This report covers how and why B2B marketplaces are attracting investors and producing significant growth in sales. It includes over 5 data-packed charts and 4 detailed case studies of real world B2B marketplaces including a look inside the operations of Bay Supply for the fastening industry, Vori in the food industry, JCPenney Beauty and what’s new from Amazon Business.

Compliments of: Mirakl, VTEX, Nautical Commerce


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