Finding the Profits in Amazon Business and other B2B Marketplaces

In the report “B2B Game Plan for B2B Marketplace Selling,” B2BecNews covers how companies can make the most out of selling through online marketplaces, with a particular focus on how online sellers deal with Amazon Business as both a competitor and a major source of customer traffic and sales.

The report also provides details on how companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprises set up and sell through their own marketplaces; how Honeywell Aerospace is breaking new ground in the aviation industry by expanding its sales of aircraft engines and other parts online; and how industrial distributor SIM Supply is using online marketplaces to diversify beyond its traditional market of selling equipment to iron ore mines.

New B2B marketplaces crop up every year on the internet, and this report includes an updated list of dozens of them organized by several industry categories.

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