Defining What Technology E-Retailers Want & the Vendors That Provide It

Picking the right technology providers is daunting. From e-commerce platforms to fulfillment services, there are about 2,000 companies that sell e-commerce solutions. All of them talk a good game, but will they deliver solutions that work for you and fit your budget?

The keys to answering these questions in three major technology categories–E-commerce Platforms, Fulfillment Services and Payment Processing–can be found in Internet Retailer’s just released 2019 E-Commerce Technology Handbook. And that’s important to merchants because 78% of America’s e-retailers planned to increase tech spending in 2018, more than a third of which aimed to boost spending by 15% of more.

That strategy involves a big investment, one that requires careful analysis, which is what the 2019 E-Commerce Technology Handbook provides. Internet Retailer’s research team has summarized the key developments in E-commerce Platforms, Fulfillment Services, and Payment Processing:

  • A full-page description analyzing the latest developments in each tech field
  • Standard pricing for products and services in each category
  • Typical contract terms
  • Key questions e-retailers need to ask vendors in each category
  • Also contains a Profile, Article or Case Study from a key provider in each field

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