The B2B Next Mission

We created the B2B Next Conference & Exhibition to help executives address a new and unprecedented level of digital disruption. The event is designed for B2B companies that want to create more intimate and personalized buyer journeys online in order to produce greater customer loyalty.  B2B Next is an intensive learning experience for senior executives of large and mid-size B2B companies who need to strengthen their command of digital commerce strategies, practices, and technologies.

B2B Next has the right parentage to deliver this premier B2B e-commerce event. It is the product of a joint venture of the world’s foremost authority on B2B e-commerce, Andy Hoar, and the world’s leading e-commerce media company, Vertical Web Media. In addition to its B2BecNews and Internet Retailer franchises, Vertical Web Media publishes extensive industry research and founded the world’s largest e-commerce event, IRCE (now owned by Emerald Expositions LLC).

Unrivaled Content—Without the Sales Pitch: Three principal characteristics define B2B Next. First, its agenda is entirely the creation of co-founder Andy Hoar, who brings his years of experience as the top B2B digital commerce analyst to create a conference program designed to equip executives from B2B companies with actionable insights on e-commerce that they can deploy immediately. Second, Andy personally selected all 47 B2B Next speakers from his professional network and has carefully prepped them to deliver compelling content on the session topics he created. Finally, his speaker roster favors leading B2B e-commerce practitioners and experts ensuring attendees receive objective e-commerce intelligence—not vendor sales pitches.

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