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Tipsy Elves, the web-only retailer of ugly Christmas sweaters and other whimsical holiday apparel, relaunched its website in November 2016. The new site has several improvements, including a focus on how it looks on smartphone screens and more-secure payment transactions. Half of Tipsy Elves’ sales are made on mobile, and mobile devices account for 60% of traffic. When the e-retailer set out to revamp its website, it started with how the website would look on a smartphone and then scaled it up, not the reverse, co-founder Nick Morton says. The goal of the new site is to improve mobile conversions, Morton says. Right now, the retailer’s mobile conversion rate is about half of the desktop conversation rate.


624 Broadway, Suite 405, San Diego CA 92101

Parent Company

Tipsy Elves LLC

Merchant Type

Web Only

Merchandise Category


Year Launched: 2011

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